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When I first went natural, I did so by doing the big chop.  Because my hair was so short, it was a breeze to wash my hair.  However, as my hair grew longer and thicker, wash day became something I dreaded.  All of the manipulation I would put my hair through while scrunching it while loose just made for a tangled nightmare.  After doing some searching online, I learned that many women with natural hair wash their hair while in braids or twists.

Often being called a life saver, sectioning off your hair allows you to spend less time during the washing process.  You also benefit from less tangles and reduced manipulation.  We all know that the less you manipulate your hair, the better chance you have of retaining length.  And, with hair that is soaking wet, you want to be as gentle as possible.

You can braid or twist up sections of hair.  Braiding or twisting up the hair also keeps it from getting further tangled (especially if a great deal of time was spent detangling…you don’t want all of that work to go to waste!).  If you’re worried about the ends of your hair unraveling, use a band or clip to secure the ends.  Some women reported that they would twist up the hair, get it wet, untwist it, wash and then end up with a tangled mess.  The key here is to leave the hair twisted/braided.  There is no need to unravel your hair during this process.

Adding your shampoo (or cleanser of choice) to an applicator bottle will allow you to focus the product on your scalp.  Dirt and build up is present on the scalp, and that is where you want to focus your shampoo attention.  Once you’re finished cleansing your scalp, let water run down the length of your braid/twist.  Squeeze each braid/twist as the shampoo is being rinsed out of your hair.

The strands of your hair do not need extra shampoo.  The shampoo that you apply to your scalp will get clean when that product runs down the length of your hair.

Don’t think you’re only limited to washing your hair in braids/twists.  You can also go through your deep conditioning process while the hair is still braided/twisted up.  You can apply your deep conditioning product to an applicator bottle, and insert the nozzle in between each braid/twist.  Squeeze the hair to ensure it gets evenly coated. This allows your hair to remain detangled throughout the entire “wash day” process, saving you time, stress and more importantly LENGTH!

Have you tried washing your hair in braided/twisted sections, as opposed to letting it all be free and loose?  Let me know in the comments below.


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