Review Disclosures and Policies

Review Disclosures & Policies

Affiliate Links

An affiliate link will give me a commission should you decide t click on the link and purchase the item(s). I only receive commission if you purchase the product through the link. This does not add any additional cost to you, the customer. For many of the affiliates, if a product is returned, the commission is also returned.

Press Sample

One or more of the products featured in the review were sent for consideration. This could have been sent by the brand, their representatives (PR firms, marketing affiliates, etc.), or retailers. Consideration means that a product is sent to me so I can decide if I would like to include it on the blog, or not. Financial compensation is not accepted for product reviews.

Purchased By Me

In an effort to distinguish between posts that feature a product submitted by a brand for consideration, this disclosure is meant for products that have been purchased by me.

Sponsored Post

Sponsored posts are those in which I have been compensated for the post. Although the content is sponsored, the opinions expressed are solely based on my experience, unless otherwise stated. I only accept assignments that align to the subject matter of my blog.

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