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How many times have you tried to mix a holding product and something a little more moisturizing, in hopes of coming up with the perfect combination.  Only to experience flaking or curdling.  Well, Dark and Lovely has taken on this task and created the Easy Twist  Gel N’ Butter.  This product is dubbed as the “no need to cocktail” recipe of a holding gel and a moisturizing butter.

When I first saw this online, I was so intrigued that I quickly went on a search for just where I could purchase it.  Thankfully, a black-owned Beauty Supply Store in my area had it in their store.



From the website:  This is the only product you’ll need for 1st class twist-outs.  Swirled recipe of holding gel and moisturizing butter eliminates worry of curdling and flakes. Contains no Mineral Oil or Petrolatum.


The directions state to use this on damp hair.  I was so excited to try it, I opted to use it on an old twist out (so, on dry hair as opposed to damp hair).  I figured, let me see if it’s possible to use this in a way that it wasn’t originally intended.

This product definitely has some stickiness to it, which is to be expected because of the properties of the gel.  I liked how when I unrolled my hair, I had curls that had some hold and weren’t dry looking.  You can check out those results when I used it as a styler for my no heat perm rod set.


I really like the packaging of this product.  As you pump out the product, the base adjusts so you can see just how much product you have left.

It reminds me of the push pop ice cream treats.

Remember these from back in the day?

Remember these from back in the day?


I definitely plan on using this on damp hair, in twist outs as well as other types of styles to see how it does.  Judging by how much I used on the length of my hair, I’m hoping to get at least 3 uses (if not more) out of this.

So, have you managed to get your hands on this new product from Dark and Lovely?  What did you think?

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