Blog Income & Traffic Report – November 2014


While this blog is mostly focused on hair (at the moment), I wanted to also start including posts dedicated to “how” my blog is doing (in terms of traffic and earnings).

I spend a lot of time reading about how others are getting traffic to their blogs and the various methods of monetization they are using. I know it’s far better to give than receive so, since I have received so many tips from others, I wanted to do my part and give back my experiences (the good and the not so good).

Every month, I will include an Income and Traffic report. I think there is a huge interest among other bloggers in learning about traffic and monetization strategies. However, I think the topic makes some people uncomfortable and that is why the discussion about it is, at times, nonexistent.

So, with that said, let’s jump into this month’s income and traffic report!

November Income Report

Income Breakdown:

Adsense (Blogs and YouTube) —– $46.37

Total Earnings —- $46.37


Expenses Breakdown:

Hosting —- $ 8.99

Fotolia —- $ 25.00

PicMonkey —- $4.99

Blog Theme (Avada) —- $58* (one-time fee that won’t be incurred again)

Domain —- $13.17** (annual fee that I won’t pay again until next year)`

Total Expenses: $110.15

Total Earnings:  -$63.78


This month is definitely one where there was more money going out than coming in.  I had a few “start up” costs that won’t be incurred on a monthly basis.

As you can see, I only have one source of blog income at the moment (Adsense).  This is made up of ads on my YouTube videos as well as ads I have on a few blogs I stated over the years.  The videos on my YouTube channel bring in the majority of my ad revenue.  However, I didn’t do any type of social media promotion of videos or my channel this month.  I’m happy that even though I wasn’t active on my channel, I gained 89 new subscribers.  On the flip side, I did lose 23 subscribers which resulted in a net gain of 66 subscribers.  Seeing how close I am to breaking even, I definitely need to step up both my video production/uploading as well as the promotion of my videos.

Given that I just launched this blog on December 1st (2014), it’s no shock that I had no income to report.  I’m right in the middle of a rebranding campaign.  Even though I knew there wouldn’t be anything to report for the month of November, I wanted to be consistent with including it in this post.  This will probably be the case for the next several income and traffic reports.  I really want the majority of my focus to be on increasing pageviews before I start actively start looking to monetize the blog.


November Traffic Report

Well, this blog didn’t exist in November so, there aren’t any traffic numbers to report!

November Social Media Stats

YouTube Subscribers: 4,603

Pinterest: 24

Facebook: 103 Likes

Twitter: 89

Instagram: 56




  • Pageviews on Just-Jenelle: 1000
  • YouTube subscribers: 5,000
  • Pinterest: 50
  • Facebook Likes: 500
  • Twitter: 150
  • Instagram: 100

I’ve learned a lot over the last month or so about methods to grow social media.  It’s my hope that with consistent posting (of both blog content and videos), engagement with others in my niche, and actually taking the time to actively promote my content I can achieve my goals.

As this is my very first income report, I know I’ll be making some tweaks to what I report.  If you have any tips to share, please leave them down below in the comment section.  Also, if you create income and traffic reports for your blog, I’d love to read them.  Leave me a link to yours below too!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.  I really appreciate it!

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