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If you remember in my last video [link to video] I had my hair straightened for the first time since I did my big chop in the fall of 2010. The result was super straight hair. The question I think any natural has when they flat iron their hair isn’t will I get heat damage. Instead, it’s: how much heat damage am I going to experience?

So, how much damage did I experience getting my hair straightened?

I definitely experienced some damage. Most of it is concentrated in the front, left side of my hair.  Was I devastated?  Nope.  Remember, I told you guys that I have a naturally loose hair pattern to begin with.  I also wear my hair stretched the majority of the time.  Given how straight my hair was, I expected to get some damage.

Going forward, while I love my stylist, I do think that the flat iron was too hot. So, I’ll probably experiment with straightening my hair myself, where I can better control the temperature and how many passes of the flat iron I use on my hair.

Now, what to do about the damaged hair.  While I would love to just do a big chop (that has always been my go-to solution) I’m going to just grow and trim.  The current plan is to trim about 1 inch every month.  Based on my measurements, I have about 9 inches of damaged hair.

I liked the idea of my hair straightened but, I don’t need for it to be bone straight!

If you had your hair flat ironed, did you get heat damage?  How did you feel about it?

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