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Blog Income & Traffic Report – November 2014


While this blog is mostly focused on hair (at the moment), I wanted to also start including posts dedicated to “how” my blog is doing (in terms of traffic and earnings).

I spend a lot of time reading about how others are getting traffic to their blogs and the various methods of monetization they are using. I know it’s far better to give than receive so, since I have received so many tips from others, I wanted to do my part and give back my experiences (the good and the not so good).

Every month, I will include an Income and Traffic report. I think there is a huge interest among other bloggers in learning about traffic and monetization strategies. However, I think the topic makes some people uncomfortable and that is why the discussion about it is, at times, nonexistent.

So, with that said, let’s jump into this month’s income and traffic report! (more…)