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Once a month, I write a report about my online earnings.  I begin with talking about the things I believe may have had an impact on my income from the previous month.  I then break down the sources of my income and talk about what I’ve learned.  This also includes whether or not I met the goals I set for the previous month.  I end with goals for the next month.

Let’s jump into this month’s report!

Just like with December’s Income Report, this report too is late.  I promise you, the report for February (and other month’s going forward) will be on time (barring any unforeseen circumstances).  I’m finally getting into the hang of this thing!

January Income Report

Income Breakdown:

Adsense (Blogs and YouTube) —– $30.74

Total Earnings —- $30.74

Expenses Breakdown:

Hosting —- $ 8.99

Fotolia —- $ 25.00

PicMonkey —- $4.99

Blog Theme (BluChic) —- $79* (one-time fee that won’t be incurred again)

Domain —- $13.17** (annual fee that I won’t pay )`

Total Expenses: $110.15

Total Earnings:  -$63.78

Argh, back in the red again.  I purchased another domain, for another project that I am working on.  Trying my hand at diversifying my income.  Now granted, I know I said I got overwhelmed with taking care of this blog during the month of December but, I’m getting the hang of some things.  I’ve been working on some organization tips and strategies that so far have proven successful (in the month of February).

This month was a low earnings month for YouTube.  I’ve read that January typically is like that.  It also doesn’t help that I didn’t upload any videos in January either.  I’m happy to say that that is not the case for February.  I’ve uploaded quite a few videos.  Here’s hoping that results in more income (that, plus once I find what works in terms of promoting those videos on Social Media and across my niche).  I’m still thankful for the income that does come in from the existing content on the channel.

YouTube seems to have experienced some issues tracking subscribers.  They mentioned that the subscriber data (lost, gained, etc.) was not accurately tracked from the 13th to the 15th.  The numbers I was provided with state I gained 84 subscribers and lost 20 (for a net gain of 64 subscribers).

January Traffic Report







Here are the traffic stats from Google Analytics.  I mentioned in the December report that I was having trouble getting data.  Glad to see everything is now being tracked.  Now to seriously work on increasing the numbers.

January Social Media Stats

YouTube Subscribers: 4,782*

Pinterest: 29*

Facebook: 112 Likes*

Twitter: 96*

Instagram: 81*

* All of these numbers are as of February 19, 2015.  I don’t have a tool to track growth and other analytics at the moment.  Currently relying on simply checking my profile.  Going forward, I’m going to try to check the profile on the first day of the month (in order to gauge where I was the previous month) until I decide whether nor not an actual tracking resource is needed (and worth the extra expense).

Did I Meet My January Goals?

Pageviews on Just-Jenelle: 1000 FAIL.  Glad to see data is actually being tracked.  We’ll see how close I get in February.  Remember, I’m keeping these goals until they’re met.

YouTube subscribers: 5,000 FAIL.  The subscribers are still growing, just at a slow rate.  Must actively promote.

Pinterest: 50 FAIL.

Facebook Likes: 500 FAIL  I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had indeed gained several new Likes, especially when this had been so dormant for so long.

Twitter: 150 FAIL.  Guess you need to actually Tweet and interact to get more followers!

Instagram: 100 FAIL.  Growing, just at a snails pace.

I’m not surprised.  I did little to no work in promotion and actively working on these goals.



Pageviews on Just-Jenelle: 1000

YouTube subscribers: 5,000

Pinterest: 50

Facebook Likes: 500

Twitter: 150

Instagram: 100

I’m going to keep these goals the same for the month of February (or until I meet them).  Again, the name of the game here is active promotion.  I’m getting better at getting more content out (still not at the level I’d like) but, working to find that balance of creating/publishing/sharing content, promoting it, and interacting/engaging with others.

If you have any tips to share, please leave them down below in the comment section.  Also, if you create income and traffic reports for your blog, I’d love to read them.  Leave me a link to yours below too!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.  I really appreciate it!






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